Braune Training provides unique, custom designed, skills development services to individuals and organisations within many industries at all levels.

In response to client needs, this company has and will continue developing relevant training programmes for corporate, public and private sectors.

Braune Training offers a variety of different short courses, skills programmes and recognised qualifications.

These courses are presented throughout the year and can be enjoyed by both private individuals and organisations.

Privately arranged specialised groups can be booked at the client’s convenience where role out can be requested and implemented on the client premises or scheduled workshops with publicly advertised dates.


Skills Development

  • Assistance with workplace skills plans and annual training reports
  • Training needs


  • Facilitation Services in learnerships, Skills Programmes and Short Courses
  • Other Occupationally Directed ETD practices


  • Strategic business planning and consulting
  • Motivational speaking
  • Developing and implementing HR processes and procedures

Quality Assurance & Development

  • Designing and developing learning materials
  • Performing assessment and moderation functions
  • Designing and developing assessment tools
  • Re-aligning existing materials to outcomes-based standards
  • Managing learnerships successfully
  • Implementation of Skills programmes