Support team

Kathy Armstrong

Senior Associate

Kathy Armstrong is a Senior Associate with Braune Training with a wealth of experience. She is a qualified ODETD Practitioner and uses these skills to provide excellent facilitation, assessment and project management services to our clients.

Kathy has a background in clinical psychology and human resources. She has an Hons. B.Sc. degree in Clinical Psychology and a National Certificate in Human Resource Management.

Kathy finds it easy to motivate and encourage others and is an effective verbal communicator. She is very involved in Customer Management, Sales, Marketing and Visual Merchandising training in the Braune Training team and learners who have been trained and mentored by her have excelled in their work environments.

Charmaine Adams

Office Administrator

Charmaine is a valuable asset to the Braune Training team in her position as the Office Administrator. Her attention to detail and proficiency in administration comes easily to her as she initiates activities in the team and sees projects through to completion.

Charmaine has a wealth of experience in both the Retail and Wholesale arena where she has worked in supervisory positions for John Daly and Niche as well as managing a distribution warehouse.

She joined the team at Siyathembana in the Braune Division in May 2011 as a learner and completed her National Certificate in Business Administration L4 and is in the process of becoming registered as an Assessor.

Her natural skills in providing excellent customer service and her understanding of the retail environment supports the team in its goal of pursuing excellence.

Tim Booysen

Tim Booysen is a Senior Associate at Braune Training, with a Diploma from UNISA in IT.

He has many years of experience including aspects of computers, management, manufacturing, sales, finance and HR.

He has been facilitating for Braune Training since 2008 and has a passion for educating and passing on his experience.


Gill Figaji

Gill is an experienced Training consultant, Facilitator and Coach. Her career spans 15 years in a large corporate in a specialist role and the last 12 years consulting to a variety of organisations in the areas of learning and development and more recently coaching.

Gill set up her own consulting business in 2006. She applies her experience in training, courseware development, facilitation, organisation development and assessment and moderation to meet her client’s specific needs and contexts. She has extensive experience in working with SETAS and has facilitated numerous learnership and skills programmes as well as developing a full learnership for one of her clients. She has a degree in Education from Stellenbosch University and has completed the 18 month Professional Coaching Course at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town.

Mzwakhile (Muzi) Malinga

Mzwakhile Malinga (Muzi) was born in Newcastle, KZN and is a qualified soccer coach whose involvement in the sport spans many years. He started his career as a teacher in Madadeni and taught for three years in Madadeni and seven years in Durban and surrounding areas.

Muzi is an innovative, quick thinking, energetic and results oriented individual with a high level of professionalism and a hands on commitment to see every learner succeed. His key skills include strategy development, negotiation and people management and motivation.

Muzi has a Masters Degree in Business Administration, an Advanced Diploma in Management, is a qualified assessor and moderator and also a qualified project manager. He has worked extensively with various organisations with work relating to projects. He is a qualified Assessor and has been facilitating Skills courses & Learner ships in the corporate and private sector for more than ten years. Muzi has been instrumental in the facilitation and assessment of Distribution learnerships in the Retail and Wholesale Sector.

Marguerite Sacco-Turner

Marguerite Sacco-Turner holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wits University, a Specialist Certificate in Training Management from the Institute of Personnel Management as well as a Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management from UCT Business School. She is a registered member and student of the International Association of Transactional Analysis.

Marguerite is a registered skills development & employment equity facilitator in the recruitment, marketing and wholesale sector.

She is a registered Assessor and Moderator and has written, delivered and assessed a number of programmes within different sectors.

Liz Lewin

Liz Lewin was a closeted teacher until 2004 when she discovered her passion was teaching and developing people. She focussed on the Food sub-sector, developed material from experience and trained many Learners on Skills Programs and Learnerships both privately, and through W&R SETA funding. These have been mostly at L2 / 3 unemployeds, where one needs an enormous amount of patience. Watching these Learners develop, get employment and be promoted is her biggest reward.

Having had her own recruitment business for 18 yrs she is comfortable with people and continues to recruit when not busy training. She published a book in 1993 aimed at Mothers with pre-schoolers where all school records and information can be recorded which she continues to market and sell.

Liz gets excited when it’s a training day as she knows that in this time, someone’s life is going to change and that’s what it’s all about, making a difference!

Veronica Mayila

Veronica is an enthusiastic individual who has an absolute passion for community development and a vast experience in Retail Training in the Informal Retail sector where she has previously added value to NGO organisations specialising in uplifting communities in these areas. Her qualifications include being a registered as an Assessor with the Wholesale and Retail sector and her passion for capacitating individuals to realise their potential is an invaluable value add to the Braune Training team.

Linsey Milewski

Lynsey Milewski started her career at the Voice Clinic in 1999 where she facilitated communications training and admin. Lynsey left the Voice Clinic in the position of Training manager after 8 years.

Lynsey was head hunted by the Training Department at Ackermans where she spent three years learning, growing and developing. She was exposed to many different areas of Retail which gave her the experience to do Wholesale and retail training.

She started Free-lance Training for a few companies including doing Wholesale and Retail Seta Accredited Learnerships through Braune Training in 2011. She trains Learnerships such as Wholesale and Retail Distribution; Help desk; and Sales. She is a registered Assessor and Moderator and this allows her to assess portfolios completed by the learners.

She is currently running her own company called “Higher Fields Training” and is happily filling gaps in the market and contracting herself out to companies that need a trainer.

Wendy Gardiner

Wendy Gardiner is a registered Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator for the W&RSETA and has been involved in the Retail Industry for the past 20 years.

As the Chairperson of the KZN WRSETA Stakeholders Forum and as a mother of 5 she has realised the need for a good education and has a great passion for growing and empowering people through education.

Her greatest rewards are when she receives a message from a learner thanking her for how their lives have changed, or receiving a picture of a very proud learner holding their valued Certificate.

Wendy is also involved in charity work and events, and as she says “I do believe that if everyone gave just a small part of themselves to a greater cause, be it feeding the hungry or teaching the poor, this world would be an awesome place”.

Harry Bell

Harry Bell is well known and highly respected in the Wholesale and Retail industry where he has worked at various retailers including Woolworths, Clicks and New Clicks SA since 1966. He was Training Manager for Clicks from 1989 until setting up his own training provider Retail Training Services.

He has been instrumental in the development of qualifications in the wholesale and retail industry, and was Chair of the Wholesale and Retail SGB which became the Qualifications Management Body under his leadership for 15 years, until the end of 2013. He has helped 6 other organisations become accredited with the W&RSETA, has designed and trained a number of programmes to meet the requirements of the W&RSETA for a number of well-known retailers.

Harry is the co-author of two textbooks for the NCV Retail Subject at TVET colleges at Level 2 and 3, and has been responsible for capacitating TVET college lecturers in this subject. Harry joined Braune Training as an associate in 2015 where he continues to provide excellence service to his clients where he has partnered with us.