These accredited programmes are occupationally based, consist of a cluster of unit standards and will provide you with credits towards qualifications through a combination of theoretical learning and practical work experience. All courses are offered on an in-house basis.

Wholesale & Retail Store Person

OFO 741101 (Basic Retail)

This programme will provide learners with skills and knowledge around the core concepts of the Wholesale & Retail Environment, Basic Business Calculations and Occupational Health and Safety practices in the Wholesale and Retail Environment. This consists of three modules run over three days. (U/S: 114895, 117887, 114912)

Wholesale & Retail Store Person

OFO 741101 (Picker/Puller)

This 2-day programme has been designed to meet the needs of individuals working in a distribution or warehouse environment where they are responsible for moving, packing and maintaining stock in the different areas as well as picking stock for orders. (U/S: 117899, 117898)

Wholesale & Retail Dispatch Clerk

OFO 59102F (Dispatch Clerk)

This course is specifically designed for stock clerks or individuals responsible for despatching stock from the DC. (U/S: 117891)

Wholesale & Retail Sales Assistant

OFO 621101 (Sales Assistant)

This 2/3 day course has been designed specifically for sales consultants who are responsible for selling products to their customers in a way that meets the customer’s buying needs and also demonstrates the sales consultant’s product knowledge. The 3-day version of the course adds a greater practical component for the learners where more time is given for additional role plays. Learners will not only learn selling skills but will also understand the psychology of selling. (U/S: 258163, 258160)

Wholesale & Retail Supervisor (Customer Service)

OFO 621501 B (Retail Managers General)

This 4-day course has been designed for supervisors and managers who are responsible for supervising service and sales in their business unit. Learners will not only gain skills and knowledge around supervising customer service and housekeeping, but also around supervising sales performance and promotions used to aid improvement in sales. (U/S: 118028, 118029, 118037 and 118033 (extra))

Wholesale & Retail Store Assistant

OFO 741101 (Shelf Packer/Store Assistant)

This 3-day programme has been designed for individuals operating on the floor in a retail environment where they are involved in interacting with customers, filling shelves and marking merchandise as well as being involved in stock counts in the retail store. (U/S: 114903, 114906, 114891)

Wholesale & Retail Receiving Clerk

OFO 59102B (Receiving Clerk)

This course is specifically designed for stock clerks or individuals responsible for receiving stock into the DC. (U/S: 117901)

Wholesale & Retail Visual Merchandiser

OFO 741101 / 639501 (Store Person/Visual Merchandiser)

This 4-day course is a fantastic programme for merchandisers, visual merchandisers or any individuals involved in presenting, implementing and evaluating a visually merchandised display. Learners will also gain knowledge and skills around understanding the role of visual merchandising in their company, being able to understand the merchandising of chillers and freezers (where applicable) and the ability to recommend orders for clients in an FMCG environment. (U/S: 258217, 258221, 258215)

Wholesale & Retail Assistant Buyer

OFO 639201 (Assistant/General/Company Buyer)

This course has been designed for the individual in the retail environment who is responsible for managing stock holding procedures and replenishing stock. (U/S: 255497, 243804)

Wholesale & Retail Supervisor

OFO 621501 /142101

This 3-day course will cover the Supervision of Stock counts and the implementation of loss control measures which impact on the financial operations of the business. It is aimed at supervisors and managers and will also cover a focus on factors that impact the bottom line of the business unit. (U/S: 118045, 118043, 258155)